The Amazing Versatility of the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

With room for up to 15 people, the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is ideal for groups, teams, families and business travelers who need a lot of room for themselves and their possessions. As a bonus, it can be customized in many different ways for drivers in Mexia!

For example, you can choose your own roof height with the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon. You can also choose your wheelbase lengths and your total number of seats. If you only need to carry five or six people instead of 15, you can order your vehicle with that number of seats.

Consider the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon if you're looking for a full-sized cargo van that can get the job done. We have them available at Dick Scott Ford, so it's just a matter of coming in, looking at the goods and maybe taking one for a test drive. We'd love to see you!


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