A vehicle as popular on the highway and city streets as the Ford Escape should be dotted with capability features that appeal to a considerable number of drivers. You should be able to commute to work, and then be able to help haul your friend's moving trailer after work as they prepare for a move away from the city. A capable SUV is found in the Escape.

A Blend of Smart Technology

Visit us at Dick Scott Ford to see a well-crafted vehicle in the Ford Escape. It has Auto Start-Stop Technology that will assist in naturally starting and stopping the engine when it is not needed; this feature is nice for those stuck in traffic or waiting for their friend to finish getting ready. Waste fuel no more with this fascinating feature.

Everybody loves a compact SUV that handles well. You will be able to easily navigate the streets of Mexia, TX with the standard AdvanceTrac. Test drive the vehicle to get a feel. We think you will be pleased.

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